Mainali urges govt to be fully committed to election

CP Mainali, CK Raut

Designers of Gaur Conspiracy are behind the witnessed strike against Mechi-Mahakali Campaign

KATHMANDU, March 6: CPN-UML’s General Secretary CP Mainali has suggested the government to be fully committed to the May 14 election.

Speaking during a face to face interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal presided by Rishi Dhamala today he said, “The government has announced election date in the late hour. Now, the government must be completely focused on accomplishing election at any cost.”

He also claimed the constitution amendment bill to be unconstitutional and added CPN-UML would never let it get endorsed in the parliament

He also claimed that CPN-UML’s Mechi-Mahakali Campaign to have helped in creating election friendly environment across the country and added that Madhesi Front’s demonstration and protest against the campaign would ultimately damage their (Madhes-based parties) own reputation.

He also blamed Madhesi leaders to have acted against the spirit of democracy by staging protest and banda to stop Mechi Mahakali Campaign and added, “We know the grand designers of Gaur conspiracy, and I know who is trying to stop our national campaign.”

He also claimed some forces associated with CK Raut were involved in such demonstration against their (UML’s) campaign.