Rastriya Shiva Sena Party demands revival of 2047 constitution

Rastriya Shiva Sena Party- Photo: Mukunda Kalikote, Reportes' Club Nepal

KATHMANDU, March 7: Rastriya Shiva Sena Party has demanded immediate calling off of the current constitution and reviving of the 2047 constitution to avoid nation from falling into civil war.

Speaking during a press conference organized by the party at the Reporters’ Club Nepal today, party chairman Bikram Bahadur Bum condemned Saptari firing incident and blamed the leaders of top three political parties inviting such disaster in country.

Stating that no one was above the constitution, Bum accused the government to have used constitutional weapon to suppress the people’s voices.

He viewed that the leaders of top parties were endangering national sovereignty pushing the nation into conflict and demanded immediate calling off of the current constitution and re-enforcing of 2047 constitution to save the country from disaster.

Also speaking during the program, leader Bikram Bahadur Kunwar opined that the current governing system had failed and emphasized the need of a new governing structure to push the country to a positive escape.