Rhododendron facing existential crisis in Ilam’s highlands


ILAM, March 18: The national flower rhododendron is seemingly falling into the list of endangered species in Ilam highlands due to negligence and lack of proper conservation effort by the concerned authorities.

Apart from being a jewel on nature’s crest, rhododendron holds paramount significance from the perspective of cultural diversity as well.

The open border, lack of awareness, open grazing, unsystematic urbanization and use of unrestrained timber are the causes leading to a decline in the number of rhododendron found in the highlands of Ilam.

“We can see that there is need for a substantive policy for proper conservation after finding out the causes leading to a decline in the number of rhododendrons,” High Hill Herb Association’s Deepak Rangeli shared.

“The Forest Ministry and department must formulate a substantive policy and encourage the concerned at the local levels through the district forest office for conservation efforts,” he added. RSS