Representation of 347 women candidates guaranteed


NAWALPARASI, March 25: At least 347 women candidates have been guaranted here during the forthcoming local level elections.

The district has 15 – tier local level constituting of seven town councils and eight village councils and 66 wards in overall. Every ward will elect one ward chairperson and four members in which representation of two women has been made a mandatory provision.

Among the elected women, one must be a representative of the Dalit community while another may represent any other community.

Election Office Nawalparasi Chief, Ayodhya Prasad Bhandari, said there will be a total of 897 representatives elected during the local polls.

The legal provision makes it mandatory to have a woman representative in either the head position or deputy head of the town or village council. As per this provision, there will be a total of 15 women representatives either as head or deputy head in the town or village councils.

In each ward it is mandatory to have two women representatives, and this guarantees representation of 332 women in the wards.

For the elections slated for May 14, the district will have at least one polling booth in each of the 166 wards. RSS