Nepse clamps circuit breaker


KATHMANDU, April 2: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index today witnessed a dramatic surge by 79.47 points, prompting the market regulator to apply circuit breaker two times.

The NEPSE started from 1587 points and reached 1667. Increasing likelihood to hold local level elections and an improvement in credit crunch are said to be behind the increment.

A total 1.67 million shares of the total 134 companies were traded involving a cost of Rs 964 million, said the NEPSE. The sensitive index also increased by 16.38 points.

Trade of shares of Bank rose by 70.6 percent while hotel 87.13 percent and development bank by 88.13 percent. Likewise, hydropower increased 68.91 percent and finance 16.75 percent, insurance 733.37 percent, production group 31.09 percent and others by 7.81 percent. RSS