The Indian Navy Expedition Team to climb Everest in May

The Indian Navy Expedition Team

KATHMANDU, April 3: A group of 24 Naval climbers from the Indian Navy is all set for their second expedition to Mount Everest in May this year. The team will depart from Kathmandu for the Everest Base Camp tomorrow.

The Navy team comprises of 12 officers, four junior commissioned officers and eight other members of other ranks. Commander Sanjay K Kulkarni will take in charge of the expedition while Surg Commander IB Udaya and Lieutenant Commander Vinit Doshi will lead the climbing team, informed the Navy Expedition Team at a press meet in Kathmandu on Monday.

The theme for the expedition has been termed as ‘Sagartal se Sagarmatha’ which depicts the Indian Navy’s efforts to soar from the depths of the ocean to the summit of the world. The Navy Everest expedition team in keeping with the theme of the expedition has taken the Ceremonial Ice Axe with the Naval Ensign to the bottom of sea. The same Ice Axe will now be carried to the highest point of the earth, stated the press meet.

Indian Embassy met the expedition team and wished them a successful expedition to Mount Everest.

“This attempt to summit Everest would be a step ahead in further strengthening the age old relations between Nepal and India. I hope this will revive trekking and tourism in Nepal and inspire many young people of Nepal, India and the rest of the world. I wish all the success to the expeditions,” said Vinay Kumar, Charge d’ Affaires at the Indian Embassy.

Captain MS Kohli had led a team of the Indian Navy to its first successful expedition atop the Mount Everest in 1965 AD.

Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal were the first men to reach the summit of Everest in May 29, 1953 AD.