Goodwill rally organised in Bhaktapur for a peaceful Bisket Jatra

Bisket Jatra

BHAKTAPUR, April 10: A peace and goodwill rally has been organised in Bhaktapur district this morning before the commencement of the Bisket Jatra, the renowned Jatra (religious-cultural festival) in Bhaktapur district.

The rally was organised to disseminate a message to conclude the Jatra in a peaceful manner after the Jatra started turning violent as the two groups of people participating in this event clashed with each other in course of the festival.

The clashes occurred between those staying on the two sides of the five-story temple. Sometimes they pelted stones at each other and brawls often broke out among them in course of pulling the chariot of the Bhairabnath deity. There are instances in the past of some of the revelers getting killed in such clashes.

The rally taken out under the leadership of the District Administration Office, Bhaktapur, from the five-storey temple and Bhairabnath temple passed through different places of the city. Government employees, police, political leaders, representatives of civil society, local clubs, students, personnel of three security bodies, media persons, and general people participated in the rally.

More than 1,100 security personnel would be deployed and CCTV camera would be installed at 24 places to make the Jatra peaceful. RSS