Poll preparations almost over: Chief Election Commissioner Yadav


BIRATNAGAR, April 13: Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav today said all preparations for upcoming local- level elections scheduled for May 14 have almost completed.

Apart from launching voting-related program all over the country, the process to transport voter identity cards and ballot papers has been started, he informed today while speaking at a press conference in Biratnagar, Morang.

Training for main election officers and election officers from all the districts has also been over, according to him.

He also urged media to disseminate fact-based news related to the polls, saying help from people, political parties and media is crucial to conclude the election successfully.

On media reports about his alleged statement to mobilize Nepal Army during the polls, he said he brushed off the report as baseless.

Believing that Madhes-based political parties would also participate in the elections, he viewed that the government should take initiatives to create an environment conducive to hold the election with the participation of all political parties. RSS