New Year Today

Happy New Year 2074

KATHMANDU, April 14: The Nepali New Year is being marked today, the first day of New Year, by exchanging greetings across the country.

Also called as Mesh Sankranti or Baishakh Sankranti, the Sun enters into the Aries from the Pisces. This is the day to plan for future with firm determinations by evaluating the success and failure stories of the past every people.

Panchangam based on traditional Hindu and Vedic astrological tabulation forecasts celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses. The Bikram Sambat is 57 years 8 month and 15 days ahead of the Gregorian Calendar.

As per the mythology, Bikram Sambat is believed to have been started by King Bikramaditya.

People visit various temples, start new works, make new resolutions and exchange greetings on the New Year’s Day.

Historian Prof Dr Dinesh Raj Panta said that Bikram Sambat has run in Nepal since the Malla era as our unique Sambat. “This (Bikram Sambat) is in operation only in Nepal in its unique fashion. Though Shak Sambat is considered the official one, AD is in practice in India,” he added. RSS