Buddha’s message underscored for social transformation


KATHMANDU, April 15: Bhikkhu Gyanpurnik Mahaisthabir has said that the Buddha’s messages preached 2,500 years ago were still very relevant today.

At a program organized by the Udaya Samaj here today for mass donation, Bhikkhu Mahaisthabir pointed out the need to spread the Buddha’s teachings to every nook and corner of the country to lead the Nepali society towards light from the darkness.

Society’s Chairperson Rupjyoti Kansakar said that the donation is strongly encouraged in Buddhism as a way of helping others and receiving blessings.

He shared that such donation drive was organized to help cultivate the feelings of goodwill among the youths and make the society be aware of the precepts of the Buddhism.

The occasion was marked by prayers and recital of the Buddhists hymns and discourse by the monks. More than 250 Bhikkhu and needy members of the public of the same number received donation of food and clothes. RSS