Special security plan focusing on local-level election: Home Minister Nidhi


BANKE, April 17: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bimalendra Nidhi has said the Home Ministry has prepared a special central security plan aiming to strengthen the security arrangements for the upcoming local-level election.

” The central security committee has built a special plan targeting the election,” said Home Minister Nidhi while inaugurating a regional security seminar (mid-western region) in Nepalgunj on Monday.

On the occasion, he directed chiefs of security bodies in the region to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of employees to be deputed in the election, voters, candidates, political leaders and cadres and polling stations and to contribute to make the election successful.

According to the Home Minister, some dissenting, underground and anti-constitutional forces may remain active in the election and the government has, bearing this possibility in mind, built a fast and prompt security mechanism to deal with such forces.

“The government builds a security plan and security bodies implement it,” he said, adding that thus a role of security bodies was always pivotal in ensuring the security and safety of every citizen and this applied in the upcoming local election as well.

Pressing for one and all’s participation in the upcoming local level election, Minister Nidhi expressed his confidence that the citizen rights would be ensured with the election followed by implementation of the new constitution.
Nidhi said, “This meeting would devise a special package by holding deliberation on the security mechanism strategy at constituency, zone and district level.”

During the meeting, Joint-Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) and Chief of the Security Coordination Division, Bal Krishna Panthi, briefed about the objectives of the seminar.

Chief District Officer (CDO) of Banke, Rabi Lal Panth, delivered his welcome remarks.

The seminar was attended by the Chiefs of the regional government bodies, including Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and CDOs from 15 districts in region.

The seminar will dwell on formulating a special plan for the security arrangements for the local- level election scheduled for May 14 this year. RSS