Vitamin A and deworming tablets being administered to children nationwide

Vitamin A

KATHMANDU, April 19: As many as 2.28 million children between the age of six months and five years are being administered vitamin A and some 2.29 million with deworming tablets across the country today and tomorrow under the government’s nationwide campaign for Vitamin A supplementation.

The campaign has been undertaken so that no eligible children are left out for immunization.

According to Chief of Nutrition Section under the Child Health Division, Raj Kumar Pokharel, deworming tablet- Albendazole tablet – is being administered to the children.

Pokharel also urged the parents to take their child to the nearest immunization centre for the same.

He shared that around 55,000 female community health volunteers as well as other volunteers are being mobilized to facilitate the immunization.

According to him, the Rs 100 million- biannual program is launched in April and in November. RSS