Nepal Workers and Peasants Party makes its local poll manifesto public


KATHMANDU, April 20: The Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) has made its Local Level Election Manifesto, 2017 public today.

Through the manifesto, the party has expressed its commitment to mobilize its people’s representatives for resolving the problems in the Rural Municipalities and the Municipalities with the support and cooperation of the workers, peasants, progressive intellectuals and the national capitalist class as well.

It also stated that arrangements would be made by which the local level and government bodies would be required to conduct the soil test for construction of their homes by the public as per the landscape of a particular place without incurring any economic burden on the people.

The party has also expressed its commitment to prepare the land use map for different sectors as housing, tourism, industrial, agricultural, educational and green etc and implement the same.

The manifesto has laid emphasis on carrying out development projects as making the rural municipalities clean and green, keeping the water sources clean and planting trees for flood and landslide control in the local level by fostering civic sense among the people at the local level.

Likewise, in the municipalities, the manifesto mentions carrying out different programmes as cleaning the roads, maintaining greenery, improving the water supply and sanitation, setting up model schools and colleges and protecting the consumers rights by checking black marketeering, hoarding and artificial shortage of essential supplies.

On the occasion, party chairman Narayan Man Bijukchhe made it clear that his party would enter into a working alliance with other parties sharing the party’s manifesto, class basis and principles. He also declared that the NWPP was going to file candidacies in 28 districts.

On the topic of bringing the Madhes-centric parties on board the local election, party chairman Bijukchhe said, “A party is free to boycott the election in democracy.” He also suggested holding the local election in a phase-wise manner to make it successful. RSS