Agreement with UDMF a milestone: Kamal Thapa

Kamal Thapa

BIRATNAGAR, April 23: Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa has said that the agreement with the United Democratic Madhesi Front would prove a milestone for a political resolution in the country.

Speaking at a press meet held by Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Morang on Sunday, DPM Thapa, said the understanding reached with the UDNF gives a new dimension to the politics of the country. “The political deadlock will end for a long time if this agreement is put into practice with honesty”.

Thapa, also the Chairman of RPP, also expressed the view that the country would now move ahead towards the path of peace and prosperity with the joining of the Madhesh-centric parties into national politics under the new constitution. The DPM also expressed the confidence that the agreement signed with the confidence of the main opposition, UML would be put into practice.

DPM Thapa, who is also the minister for federal affairs and local development, made it clear that the number of local units would be increased only in some provinces as per the demand of the Morcha. RSS