Election code of conduct to remain in effect until June 14

Supreme Court, Election Commission, Election of House of Representatives and Province Assembly

KATHMANDU, April 27: The Election Commission (EC) has stated that the election code of conduct issued in view of the upcoming local-level election shall remain in effect until June 14, the date set for a second-round election.

According to EC Spokesperson Surya Prasad Sharma, the ‘Local-Level Election Code of Conduct- 2073 BS’ that the EC had issued on March 1 shall remain in effect until a second-phase election. He has urged all bodies concerned not to have any confusion in this regard and contribute from their respective sides to hold the elections in a free, fair, transparent and peaceful atmosphere by maintaining its credibility and reliability.

The EC made its views clear on the code of conduct through a press statement today when different comments were being made on the matter with the government decision to revise the election schedule that paved the way for holding the election in two phases- on May 14 in three provinces and June 14 in four provinces. RSS