Parliament session put off until May 7


KATHMANDU, May 5: The second session of the Legislature-Parliament today was halted, following the obstruction of the CPN (UML) who, with the commencement of the meeting, left their seats and reached to picket the Speaker’s well clamouring for the withdrawal of the impeachment motion against Chief Justice (now suspended) Sushila Karki.

Shortly after the commencement of the session, Speaker Onsari Gharti granted time Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Meen Bahadur Bishwokarma, the proposer of the motion, to present the issue before the meeting.

With this, the main opposition lawmakers left their seats and reached to picket the well, calling for the withdrawal of the motion. The opposition lawmakers continued to obstruct the meeting, despite the call from the Speaker to allow the House run its business, finally forcing the Speaker to put off the session until 13:00pm, May 7.

“You all have the knowledge on parliamentary rules, norms, values and processes and let’s follow them,” the Speaker told the agitating lawmakers, who prevented lawmaker Bishwokarma from step upward the rostrum to present the document.

A scene of agitating lawmakers and Bishwokarma shaking hands aftermath the adjournment of House session was quite interesting inside the House. RSS