NC’s candidate for mayor job pledges to make Kathmandu a model city of Nepal


KATHMANDU, May 7: Raju Raj Joshi, a Nepali Congress (NC) candidate of Kathmandu Mayor post for the upcoming local poll, has pledged to make the Capital a model city of Nepal. He has also presented strong bases and claims that he will be elected for the post.

Speaking during an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Sunday, Joshi has claimed that his party, NC as a strong basis for him to win the election.

He said, “My party is my strongest basis for the top job. NC has always played the leadership role to bring changes in our country. In NC’s leadership, 103 years long Rana regime ended; multi-party system came into practice; constitution of Nepal 2047 was promulgated in leadership of late Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and even People’s movement of 2062/63 succeeded because of Nepali Congress party. NC has a glorious history, which is my basis that I will win the election.”

Joshi further said that reconstruction of the demolished structures of Kathmandu City is his main agenda for the mayoral election.

He added, “I pledge to preserve the cultural heritage of the city. I will also establish ‘Friendly parks’ in different parts of the city.”

“After I become mayor, my first job will be changing Kathmandu into a dust free city,” he further added.

He said he would also complete what he spoke ‘as he was trained by the principles of Nepali congress party in which BP, Ganeshman Singh and Sushil Koirala had devoted their lives.’

“Nepali Congress doesn’t speak unless it can be done.”

He furthered that he is planning to merge miniature schools for qualitative and productive education. His further plans included, wifi free Kathmandu, Clean Bagmati and Bishnumati and metro railway.

Claiming that NC was 50 thousand votes ahead of other parties, he said, “The facts – that the residents of Kathmandu are impressed by the works of Minsters Nabindra Raj Joshi and Gagan Thapa – it will be easier for me to easily win the election.”

“I will win, and with majority of votes,” he added.