Cancer protocol’ enforced to bring uniformity in treatment

Health Minister Gagan Thapa cancer

KATHMANDU, May 8: The government has enforced ‘cancer protocol’ to bring uniformity in treatment of cancer disease.

At a program organized at the Health Ministry on Monday, Health Management Division, Director Dr Bikas Devkota, handed over the protocol to Health Minister Gangan Thapa.

Sharing the information that the protocol would be enforced from today itself, Minister Thapa directed the Department of Health Services to make treatment protocol of other 11 types of severe diseases.

He said, “Cancer protocol was necessary to bring uniformity in treatment of cancer in all hospitals. So this protocol would be enforced at all hospitals-classified to provide treatment of severe diseases from today itself.”

A team comprising oncologists of Nepal prepared the protocol after eight months long exercise.
Minister Thapa said that it was necessary to prepare protocol to ease the treatment and to bring uniformity in treatment as morality rate is rising due to non-communicable diseases. RSS