Responsibility of finding solution rests on NC: Gagan Thapa

Health Minister Gagan Thapa cancer

POKHARA, May 10: Nepali Congress central member and Health Minister, Gagan Thapa, has claimed that responsibility of finding an outlet to the country from the existing confusion by enforcing the constitution has come upon the shoulders of the Nepali Congress.

In his address to a corner meet organised by the NC, Kaski at Chipledhunga-based BP Chowk today, leader Thapa expressed his hope that the party would contribute to holding the both rounds of local-level elections in a free and fearless atmosphere.

He went on to claim that the NC was committed to coming up with a special programme aimed at strengthening the local government and creating employment opportunities for youths at home.

Also speaking on the occasion, NC party leader and election mobilisation committee coordinator Dr Shekhar Koirala said the NC aspired to see the corruption-free, well-run, responsible and transparent local-level.

NC Kaski president Krishna KC chaired the programme where other local-level party leaders put their views. RSS