Call to make investment environment in Nepal


KATHMANDU, May 25: Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) Chairperson Dr Rajesh Kaji Shrestha has urged ambassadors to create environment for investment in Nepal.

Dr Shrestha made a plea in a meeting organized by NCC with the ambassadors designated to different countries from Nepal on Wednesday.

Urging the ambassadors to play spectacular role in bringing impressive economic prosperity of the neighboring countries to Nepal, he said, “Nepal should take stride by following the technological developments taking place in neighboring countries”.

On the occasion, Nepali Ambassador to Sri Lanka Dr Biswombhar Pyakurel, Ambassador to Bangladesh Dr Chop Lal Bhusal and Ambassador to Myanmar Bhim Udas expressed commitment to create investment environment in the country.

They also pledged to take initiative to bring foreign tourists to Nepal and thereby contribute to the economic development of the country. RSS