PM insists local level election consolidates federal democratic republic


KATHMANDU, May 29: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the first-phase election of the local level, which the people can see and feel on a daily basis, has been conducted with an unsurpassed participation of the people in a free, fair and fear-free environment.

Addressing the special function organized at the Army Pavilion, Tundikhel on the occasion of the Republic Day today, PM Dahal described the local level election as the milestone in consolidating the federal, democratic republic.

The federal, democratic republic has been institutionalized in the country through the decades-long struggle of the Nepali people, he said, adding that the 15th of the month of Jeth is marked as the Republic Day every year to cherish the historic day of the declaration of the country as a republic.

Paying profound tributes to the martyrs who laid down their life for the establishment of the federal, democratic republic, the Prime Minister also offered high respect to the disappeared persons, those injured and handicapped combatants who took part in the struggle for establishment of the republic.

Also, the PM expressed gratitude to all those who participated in the people’s war, the historic people’s movement and the struggles waged by the Madhesis, indigenous nationalities and other communities.

While making it clear that the restructuring of the local level was an important dimension of the state restructuring in the context of institutionalization of the federal, democratic republic in the country, Prime Minister Dahal said it is a matter of happiness that the first phase election of the local level, which the people can see and feel on a day-to-day basis, was concluded in a free, fair and fear-free environment.

He extended heartfelt congratulations and thanks to all the voters who exercised their franchise actively participating in the historic local level election. The PM also congratulated the elected people’s representatives on behalf the government and his own, wishing them a successful term.
Stating that besides the election, the government has attached high priority to formulating various laws and revising the existing ones in order to institutionalize the federal, democratic republic by implementing the constitution, PM Dahal said that more than 40 laws have been legislated while 45 various bills were under the consideration of the Parliament in that connection.

“I am convinced that the achievements ensured by the constitution would be institutionalized with the building of the important foundation for constitution implementation after holding of the election to the local level, province and the federal legislature,” he elaborated.

Making it clear that the legal framework required for conducting the election of the province and the federal parliaments has been prepared with the holding of the first-phase local level election, PM Dahal said the government was working towards formulating the remaining some laws and tabling them in the Legislature-Parliament.

The laws related to the judicial administration, the federal judicial service commission and the judicial council have been implemented as per the constitution with the establishment of the High Court while bills necessary for the formation of the constitutional commissions as provided in the constitution have been prepared and presented in the Legislature-Parliament.

The Prime Minister expressed the belief that the new government would give a momentum in a more effective way to the task of prioritizing the news laws to be formulated as per the constitution and forwarding the work by preparing an action plan.

He stressed that it was the fundamental responsibility of the political leadership to bring about qualitative change in the life of the masses by institutionalizing the republic and utilizing the existing legal and administrative framework.

While emphasizing that the inclusive development of the people of all classes, sections, gender, region and ethnicity should be the main goal for the attainment of the sustainable development after securing the political rights, PM stated the government’s priority is on good-governance, development of modern settlements, promotion of moral, physical and technical education, and leadership and governance that is accountable to the people.

“Not only the door to political stability has been opened with the holding of the first-phase of the local level election, but the journey to economic prosperity and positive change in the lives of the people has also begun. I have the deep faith that with the conclusion of the upcoming second-phase local level election, the people’s representatives would assume their responsibility at the grass-root level, which would be a leap forward towards the political stability and development in Nepal,” the Prime Minister stated.

Prime Minister Dahal clarified that first round of local-level election was held, the bitter relation among political parties was changed into one of political consensus and collaboration, grant assistance provided to the earthquake victims for post earthquake reconstruction task was increased and construction of private houses for earthquake survivors has been accelerated till the date after formation of a government under his leadership.

He stated that the national economy of the country is on the path of progress, economic growth has increased by 7.5 per cent, inflation has been under control, development projects have progressed, power outage has been ended, smooth relation promoted with neighbouring countries as well as achievement have been made in political, diplomatic and managerial reforms, which have disseminated new message of hope in the county.

The Prime Minister said that nation’s prosperity and bringing qualitative change to people’s life by institutionalizing republicanism was our national agenda and pointed out that the Republic Day should make all to be more responsible to fulfill the duties on the basis of national consensus. RSS