Budget lays top priority to post-earthquake rebuild efforts

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KATHMANDU, May 29: The budget of the upcoming fiscal year the government unveiled at the Legislature-Parliament on Monday has given top priority to the rebuild of earthquake-damaged structures.
The budget vows to complete the rebuild drive within the deadline (five years) by enhancing capacity of all reconstruction-related bodies.

The reconstruction and new construction works in the aftermath of the earthquake are taking a pace and house rebuilding grants for survivors has been increased by Rs 100 thousands and reached Rs 300 thousands, the budget states. Likewise, Rs 146 billion has been allocated to the National Reconstruction Authority to carry out rebuild works besides the programs set under the respective ministries.

The budge pledges to intensify the distribution of second and third installments of house rebuilding grants, address grievances of survivors, accelerate reconstruction of damaged heritages of archaeological importance, restore cultural and religious sites to their original structures and prioritize the construction of trekking routes taken important in terms of eco-tourism aspect.

Likewise, upgrade of local infrastructure and rural roads, mobilization of technical human resources to carry out post-quake reconstruction and new construction works at the local – level, hiring of skilled human resource in the reconstruction and the development of an integrated settlement in the most affected districts to shift vulnerable communities are other priorities of the new budget. RSS