PM’s package speeds up development projects in Chitwan


CHITWAN, June 7: The Chitwan district’s development projects have taken a momentum after  Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal allocated Rs 696 million in additional donation for 155 projects.

The majority of projects have gained additional pace with the PM’s allocation of the budget for his home district. The District Coordination Committee, Chitwan has stated that although four projects have not been able move forward on technical grounds, the work related to other projects have started gaining pace.

Committee’s Project Official, Prakash Chandra Poudel, said the donation trickled in through a period between February 12 and March 15.

According to District Technical Office’s Chief Engineer, Deepak Kumar Das, all other projects have been operating with speed apart from four projects. The projects include road blacktopping, school building, community building construction, park development, drinking water project, solar lights, entertainment park and sewerage.

Dahal, who faced a backlash for not doing anything for Chitwan during his first spell as the PM, had pledged to do lot more after becoming the premier for the second time. RSS