Panchakoshi Highway linking Surkhet-Dailekh-China


DAILEKH, June 8: The Panchakoshi Highway is to be constructed to explore identity and development opportunities of historically important Dailekh district.

There is no bound of happiness among the local folks when the government came up with an important plan in the national budget to expand the road stretch leading to Nankche-Nagla.

The road expansion drive would also offer opportunity to widen linkage with China through the construction of road stretch from Mahabu-Jumla to Rara Lake.

Finance Ministry Advisor Dr Purna Prasad Regmi shared that the Highway has been named before Panchakoshi for it is considered the identity marker of Dailekh district.

‘The Construction of Highway would start once the appropriation of budget is passed”, said Regmi.

The operation of the Highway would ease the way to reach to popular destination Mansarobar via Deuti Bajyai of Surkhet, Kotila, Shiristhan, Navisathan, Panchis Dewal and Mahabu Dham of Dailekh, Chandranath of Jumla and Rara of Mugu and also open up important avenue for expansion of linkage with China. RSS