Water pipe laying for Melamchi project picking up pace

Melamchi pipeline

KATHMANDU, June 9: The laying of water pipes for much-awaited Melamchi Drinking Water Project has been sped up in Kathmandu valley. The project aims to supply water to valley’s dwellers within the Nepali month of Ashoj, a project official said.

Out of the total 670 kilometers of water pipes to be laid for the project, the installation of pipes has been over on 585 kilometers, said project chief of the project implementation directorate Tiresh Khatri.

Water that will be supplied through tunnel will be filtered in Sundarijal before distributing at homes of Kathmandu dwellers through various 11 tanks set up in the valley.

For some locations, old two water tanks located in Anamnagar and Minbhawan will be used while out of the total nine other new tanks to be built, the construction of five has been completed and 20 percent of the construction work of three has been over, said Khatri.

The construction of one will start from the Nepali month of Ashad, he added. RSS