Rare pregnancy case successfully treated in Beni Hospital


BENI, June 11: A woman has been successfully treated for what is known as ‘ectopic pregnancy’, a rare medical case in which fertilized egg is found outside of the uterus.

The rare medical case was neutralized by the doctors at the Beni hospital after a successful operation on a 30 – year – old woman from Baranja in Mangala rural municipality. The team of health professionals led by Dr Dhiren Malla was successful in extracting the fertilized egg and placing it where it belongs.


The woman had married three years ago, and on April 12 the family was convinced that the egg inside her uterus had gone to waste. Only three days ago did the woman started feeling a pain in her right womb and was immediately admitted to the hospital. A video x-ray diagnosed the case as ectopic pregnancy, which prompted the doctors to call an emergency meeting.

“We found the fertilized egg intact outside the uterus. Such case is known to be rare in medical sector,” Dr Malla said.

The 13 – week – old egg was growing outside of the uterus, and during the operation the baby was moving its legs,” Dr Malla shared. The doctor added that the case is found in one person out of 30,000 pregnant women in the world.

Beni Hospital’s Chief and senior medical superintendent, Dr Roshan Neupane, has thanked the team of doctors of a successful operation in such rare medical case. RSS