Irate locals finally agree to receive woman’s body


RATNANAGAR, June 12: The locals who were demonstrating with allegations that a pregnant woman died due to negligence on part of the Bharatpur Hospital have agreed to receive the body.

Kopila Gyawali, an entrepreneur in Bharatpur, underwent a surgical operation on May 21 to deliver her baby. She was kept in the ICU and died 19 days later on Saturday.

The locals demonstrated attributing her death to doctors’ negligence. After an agreement was reached with the Chief District Officer (CDO), Narayan Bhatta, on Sunday evening, the irate locals finally agreed to receive the body at 6 pm.

Chitwan’s Police Chief, Deepak Thapa, said as part of the agreement the newly born baby will be given scholarship for study when he grows up. He said the hospital too has agreed to provide cost-free treatment to the child throughout his life.

The Bharatpur Hospital has been claiming that the mother died due to an infection. The infant’s health condition is stable.

Jivlal Poudel, the brother of the woman, has blamed the hospital’s negligence for her death. He said a committee has been formed over the incident and that they decided to receive the body after agreement that the child will be given a job when he grows up, cost – free treatment at the hospital and cost-free education. RSS