Madhes-friendly constitution bottom line for election participation-Jha

Anil Jha

GAUSHALA, June 15: Rastriya Janata Party Nepal leader Anil Jha has said they would not participate in the local level election till the constitution is made friendly to Madhes.

Organizing a press conference at Mahottari district headquarters, Jaleswor, on Wednesday evening, Jha warned that no election would take place in Madhes until amendment to constitution to guarantee rights to Madhes and Madhesi people.

He further noted that the government should assure to increase numbers of rural municipalities based on population and budgetary allocation accordingly.

RJPN is not against election but there is no alternative for the government to amend the constitution to make it Madhes-friendly, he noted.

He also threatened to disrupt the May 28 election if their demand was not addressed.

Likewise, the cadres of RJPN had vandalized the office, deleted party name from the board and burnt flags of Federal Socialist Forum at district headquarters Jalwswor on Wednesday evening. RSS