Traffic lights to be installed at 200 intersections of Kathmandu Valley roads

KATHMANDU, June 16: Home Minister Janardan Sharma has directed the agencies concerned to make the Kathmandu Valley traffic smooth by arranging traffic lights at 200 intersections of the roads.

Organizing a program at the Ministry on Friday, Home Minister Sharma directed the officials from Nepal Police, Kathmandu Valley Transport Management Department, Road Department, and Nepal Electricity Authority to immediately take initiatives to install traffic lights in a simple and prompt way, and submit the entire expenditure details.

He urged them not to wait for help from the donors to accomplish this task. The Minister also directed the chiefs of the Road Department, Traffic Police Division, Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Ltd, Nepal Telecom, NEA, Kathmandu Metropolis and others to submit their work plans on traffic management in the Kathmandu Valley.

“Issue tender notice soon for the construction of overhead bridges in the Kathmandu Valley,” he asked, wondering whether the Road Department had no money at all for this. He also ensured to manage money for this.

Minister Sharma instructed Director-General at Transport Management Department Gopal Sigdel to complete painting of zebra crossing in 800 areas of the Kathmandu Valley within 15 days.

Stressing the need to gradually replace small vehicles with the operation of big buses for smooth traffic management, he said, “Let’s issue notice to the petrol pumps linked with road and put reform efforts based on new standards”.

During the discussion, Nepal Police IGP Prakash Aryal said the unmanaged parking should be removed and the management of parking lots should not be granted on contract basis.

“There is highhandedness of local villains on parking with costs. Syndicate is also prevailing as a big challenge. It requires tough measures to completely address the problem”.

Executive Director at Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Kul Man Ghising suggested the arrangement of traffic lights for the operation of public vehicles during office hours.

Commissioner at Kathmandu Valley Development Authority Bhaikaji Tiwari said proper parking management would be an important measure to address prevalence of traffic congestion in Kathmandu.

Also speaking on the occasion, Traffic Police Division Chief DIG Mingmar Lama said the construction of 18 sky bridges in Kathmandu Valley would resolve the traffic problem.

Likewise, Kathmandu Metropolis Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya asserted that they would remove street vendors whosoever they are. “People have harbored doubt whether KMC has any clandestine deal with the footpath vendors. Let us set up bus stations rather not its stops and develop a system disallowing passenger vehicles to stop more than a single minute on the road”, he added. RSS