Rescheduling election in Provice 2 a mistake, says UML leader Pokhrel


KATHMANDU, June 19: The main opposition party CPN-UML leader Ananda Pokhrel has termed government’s decision to postpone election in Provice 2 as a mistake.

“It is not going to address the grievances of Madhesi people, rather it will rather divide Madhes,” he added.

He also blamed Nepali Congress to have rescheduled election in fear of losing election.

He further accused the government to have conspired not to let RJPN participate in the local election. Pokhrel however, said that UML would not vote in favor of the constitution amendment bill.

Leader Pokhrel further claimed that UML would emerge as the largest party in Terai-Madhes. “Despite forming of poll alliance against UML, we emerged as largest party in the first phase local poll. And I am confident that in the second phase election too, UML will become the top party.”