Remote village declared ‘equal wage village’

Remote village declared 'equal wage village'

MYAGDI, June 22: The Kuhun village in Mangala rural municipality of Myagdi has been announced as ‘equal wage’ village.

The announcement was made with the objective of putting an end to all kinds of social discrimination between a man and woman.

Even for the same work, women and men were being given different wages. At the end of the day, men returned home with Rs. 500 but women had to be content with Rs. 300.

Local women came together to form a committee led by Tirtha Kumari BK, and thereby announced the village as an equal wage village, said local teacher Hari Krishna Sharma. Discrimination in wage is hereby prohibited in the village.

Both men and women workers will now get Rs. 500 per day. The daily wage rate however will currently be applicable only to agriculture workers, Sharma said. RSS