Holding local election in fearless environment is govt’s responsibility: Home Minister Sharma

Holding local election in fearless environment is govt's responsibility: Home Minister Sharma

BIRATNAGAR, June 22: Minister for Home Affairs, Janardan Sharma, has said that it was the responsibility of the government to hold the election in a fearless environment.

Inaugurating a Regional Security Seminar of province no 1 at Biratnagar amidst a function on Thursday, Home Minister Sharma said that the role of local level election was significant for constitution implementation.

He said a federal administrative model should now be built in the country and added that the government has forwarded necessary process to formulate different acts and laws and to amend some existing laws.

Saying rights of the people would be established, political problems would be resolved and the country would head towards the path of economic prosperity after the local level election, Minister Sharma expressed belief that political stability would be established in the country.

The Home Minister said that the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal and Biplav group have participated in the election at some places as independent candidates, saying all most all parties have participated in the second round of the local level election.

Similarly, Chief of Peace and Security Division of the Home Ministry, Deepak Kafle shed light on the objectives of the seminar.

The seminar was organized with an objective of sharing information by office-bearers of security bodies regarding the policy adopted by the security bodies in view of the local-level election-2074 and preparing necessary strategy where Inspector General of Police, Prakash Aryal, Inspector General of Armed Police Force, Singha Bahadur Shrestha, Chief of General Staff of Nepal Army, Baldev Raj Mahat, Chief Investigation Director Dilendra Raj Regmi and Regional Administrative eastern region, Rajeshworman Singh were present.

Similarly, Chief District Officer, office-bearers of the security bodies including Superintendent of Police of 14 districts of province no 1 also participated in the seminar. RSS