66 polling stations listed as highly sensitive in Kanchanpur

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KANCHANPUR, June 23: As many as 66 polling stations have been enlisted as highly-sensitive from the security perspective here in Kanchanpur.

The District Security Committee has listed the polling stations near the Indian border as ultra-sensitive locations, and beefed up reliable security.

These locations have been classified into three divisions – highly-sensitive, sensitive and general – with arrangement of appropriate security apparatus, said Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Bharat Bahadur Dahal of District Police Office.

According to DSP Dahal, 66 polling stations have been declared highly-sensitive, 26 sensitive and 40 as general, out of the total of 132 polling stations.

Most of the polling stations in Mahakali municipality, Beldandi rural municipality, Bhimdatta municipality, Belauri and Purnabas municipalities that border India have been listed as highly-sensitive,” he added.

The stations located in areas prone to criminal activities have been declared as sensitive. A three-tier security apparatus has been kept in place for efficient security service in the polling stations. The first security circle will be manned by Nepal Police and temporary police personnel, second by Armed Police Force (APF) and third by the Nepal Army (NA).

Meanwhile, the local administration in Kanchanpur has imposed a ban on sale, distribution, consumption and supply of liquor products to prevent the eventuality of any untoward activities from taking place during the election period. RSS