Silence period to come into effect from this mid-night

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KATHMANDU, June 25: The silence period for the second phase of local level election slated for June 28 would come into effect from this mid night.

The second phase of election is being held in 35 districts across province no 1, 5 and 7 for 334 local units.
The period come into effect for 48 hours prior to the Election Day and political parties and their candidates are prohibited electioneering, organizing meetings and rallies, chanting slogans and campaigning in any other means after the commencement of the silence period until the end of election, according to the Local Level Election Directives- 2073.

The Election Commission has also urged one and all stakeholders not to take to social media for election related publicity during the period.

Severe action will be taken against those not abiding by the election code of conduct and involving in electioneering during this silence period, according to the Commission. RSS