Solar lamps being installed in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Metropolitan City

KATHMANDU, June 26: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has partnered with the private sector for installation of solar lamps in the Kathmandu Valley and work is in progress accordingly.

The KMC has stated that the task of installing as many as 1,285 solar system would be completed by this July 15.

The solar lamps are being installed on the main roads and streets of the Kathmandu metropolis.
According to KMC spokesperson Gyanendra Karki, the KMC need not invest in this project rather it will be making profit from it.

BK Traders and Suppliers has been given the responsibility of installing the solar lights.

Twenty to thirty solar systems are being installed daily at night time at present. The Suppliers has been setting up solar system on the streets since November 2016 under the public-private partnership model.
Chief of BK Suppliers, Roshan Sribastav said the solar system is being installed at an estimated cost of Rs 500 million. He said the solar system would be handed over to the KMC in ten years.

The promoter will annually pay Rs 8,700 per pole for space and Rs 7,200 for placing advertisement to the KMC.

So far 560 solar lamps have been installed in streets in the metropolis and the installation would be completed by the 15th of July. RSS