Torn ballot papers sent to the Supreme Court

Torn ballot papers sent to the Supreme Court

CHITWAN, JUNE 27: The authorities in Chitwan have sent the torn ballot papers and the related documents of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City-19 to the Supreme Court (SC).

The District Election Official’s Office and District Administration Office (DAO) sent the ballot papers inside the ballot box wrapped under linen.

District Chief Election Official Kabil Prasad Neupane, assistant voter official Gamvir Ghimire and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Govinda Shrestha boarded the Buddha Air’s flight at 8:15 for Kathmandu with the ballot papers.

The torn ballot papers were sealed inside the ballot box in presence of district’s political party chiefs and representatives including the candidates this morning. Chitwan’s police chief Deepak Thapa said the ballot papers were escorted to the Bharatpur airport by the police.

The SC had issued an order on June 20 for submission of the torn ballot papers within a week. A joint bench led by Acting Chief Justice Gopal Prasad Parajuli and Justice Hari Krishna Karki had issued the order.

The vote counting of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City-9 plunged into a dispute after which political cadres tore apart the ballot papers. The dispute soon reached the doors of the Supreme Court.

Nepali Congress and Maoist Centre have been demanding a revote while CPN (UML) has taken a stance for continuing the vote count. RSS