Voting taking place in peaceful and enthusiastic manner

Election Commission, ballot papers for FPTP election

KATHMANDU, June 28: Voting is taking place under the second phase local level election in Province Nos. 1, 5 and 7 in a peaceful and enthusiastic manner.

The Election Commission stated that polling centers opened at 7 am today for voting in the election taking place for 334 local levels in 35 districts of the three provinces and voting was going on in a peaceful and enthusiastic manner. However, voting was delayed in some of the 8,364 polling centers due to rain.

A press release issued by Election Commission spokesperson Surya Prasad Sharma states that although rainfall was reported at some places of the eastern hills, voters are in queue enthusiastically waiting for their turn to cast votes.
The Election Commission has thanked the political parties, the local civil society and all who helped better manage the voting center at the local level by managing tarpauline sheets and other materials.

113-year-old grandma votes
One hundred and thirteen years old Pashupati Saud cast her ballot at 7 am today at the Bhumiraj Lower Secondary School polling centre at Suranaya Rural Municipality in Baitadi district.

Similarly, 105-year-old Kalashi Bhatta of Shaileshikhar Municipality cast her vote at local Bhumiraj Lower Secondary School, Tauki polling center at 7 am.

Fifteen thousand 38 people’s representatives would be elected in the one metropolitan city, seven sub-metropolitan cities, 111 municipalities and 215 rural municipalities in the second phase local election. Of them, 41 people’s representatives have already been elected unopposed. RSS