People of rural Jajarkot don’t get even paracetamol in need


JAJARKOT, June 29: People of Nalgadh Municipality-13 in Jajarkot do not get even paracetamol, the pain relieving and fever reducing medicine and jeevanjal, useful in diarrohea, from the local health post when in need.

The local Bhagawati Health Post does always face the medicine shortage, but the unavailability of these general but vital medicines for curing fever and diarrhoea here has made the patients irate.

“We never get general medicines that the government has announced free and an access to such facility is a far cry for us,” said a local Rati Kami who visited the health post seeking paracetamol after suffering from fever, but forced to return empty-handed.

Prem Basnet’s story is somehow similar to Kami’s experience. Basnet reached the health post seeking the treatment for his mother as she was suffering from diarrhoea, but the health post has neither health workers nor the anti-diarrhoeal medicine even the Jeevanjal.

Health post management committee former chair Amar Shahi shared that the health post always lacks the basic medicines that are mostly used. He saw the negligence on the part of authorities concerned behind this grim situation.

He accused the authorities concerned of supplying medicines to only those health facilities in the accessible location. The health post lies in Aulgurta, which is the most remote part of the district.
The government has announced distribution of 35 medicines free of cost which has been just like a ‘fairy tale’ for the Aulgurta folks, who are forced to go to places outside the district in search for treatment when in need.

Health post in-charge Health Assistant Officer Arun Kumar Yadav said though they have some stock of other medicines, they are facing the shortage of some sorts of most essential medicines and the District Public Health Office was already informed about it.

District Public Health chief Dheerjung Saha said the Office supplies the medicines to other district-based health facilities on the basis of demand, adding that he has already directed the health institutions to immediately demand for medicines that are not in their stock. RSS