Lawmakers draw attention of govt for immediate rescue, relief

National Assembly

KATHMANDU, July 3: Speaking in a meeting of the Legislature-Parliament today, lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government, through the Speaker for the immediate rescue and relief to the landslide and flood victims.

Lawmakers have further said that the physical property has been damaged and some people have also lost their lives in natural disaster occurred at different places of the country.

In the beginning of the meeting, lawmaker Binda Devi Ale said that at least three people were killed in landslide and many people were injured in Kaski on July 1 and drew the attention of the government to carryout measures to control landslides and flood.

Similarly, another lawmaker Rabindra Adhikari said that dozens of settlements of Kaski are at the risk due to landslide and flood, property has been damaged and urged the government to make arrangement of relief to the victims immediately.
Saying 1,500 houses are at risk and 30 houses have been completely damaged at Tilathi of Saptari, Adhikari demanded the government to carry out diplomatic initiative for the resolution of the problems surfaced at Indo-Nepal border areas every year.

Likewise, lawmaker Agni Prasad Sapkota complained that problems have been surfaced for the treatment of 48 injured in road accident at Sindhupalchowk on Sunday, could not get medicine and the Health Ministry is failing to take necessary initiative in this regard. He also urged the government to carry out preparedness immediately, saying some places in the district are at high risk of natural disaster.

Saying the government did not pay attention to control corruption, another lawmaker Dilli Prasad Kafle drew the attention of the government to resolve problems as hundreds of houses are at risk of natural disaster at Tilathi of Saptari.
Lawmaker Surendra Yadav said that the government was found reluctant in addressing the various natural problems seen in various places across the country.

Similarly, lawmaker Bikas Lamsal drew the attention of government to provide the reliefs to flood and landslide victims of Kushma Municipality of Parbat district where five people were recently killed in natural disaster.

Lawmakers Umesh Yadav and Shiva Chandra Chaudhary drew the attention of the government to implement the measurers to control the rivers in Tarai as rivers are annually eroding the lands in the district. They further urged the government for managing the foods and other relief materials as large number of the people in Tarai were facing natural disasters.

Lawmaker Shyam Kumar Shrestha (Kavre) said that the price reducing in petroleum products had no meaning as it was just nominal. He further opined for fixing the price of petroleum products scientifically. RSS