MC’s failure in local election due to party’s own weakness: Gajurel

MC's failure in local election due to party's own weakness: Gajurel

KATHMANDU, June 4: The ruling party CPN (Maoist Center) leader Haribol Gajurel has argued that despite Maoist Center (MC)’s successful stay at the government, their defeat in the local level election was due to their own weakness.

“The works done in MC’s leadership were satisfactory. However, in the local level election, the results didn’t come in our favor. We could not win as much seats as we expected. It is because we were unable to press the right information to the people,” said Gajurel.

“Also, another reason for loss is the failure in polling alliance,” he added.

MC were able to garner only 16 percent votes in the first phase of local level election and leader Gajurel expects his party to emerge victorious in at least 20 percent of local levels. However, he accepts that his party was not so successful and the results were unexpected.

“The result has given MC some serious thoughts. We are carrying out debate and discussion regarding such results.”

He further said that MC became weak as they failed to form organizations after their unification with smaller other Maoist parties. “The organization could not function for six months. Also, we were unable to deliver message down to the lower level.”