Nuwakot enforces ban on riverside excavation


NUWAKOT, July 5: The District Coordination Committee (DDC), Nuwakot has enforced a ban on the excavation of construction materials from the riverside.

The ban was announced for three months from mid June to mid September in view of the start of monsoon season. The excavation of the materials from the riverside will allow the swollen river to flood its banks, which is the reason a complete ban has been enforced, according to Local Development Officer (LDO), Keshar Bahadur Pandit.

“We have enforced a ban on excavation and supply of riverside materials as pebbles, stones and sand that are done on contract basis,” Pandit said, adding “The contract agreement made in the ongoing fiscal year ended by mid June, so we have now deployed police to stop excavation.”

The DDC, Nuwakot collected Rs 85.6 million in revenue from excavation of riverside materials in the ongoing fiscal year. RSS