Lawmakers demand for slashing expenditure

National Assembly

KATHMANDU, July 6: Discussions on the appropriation bill are continuous in the parliament for few days.

Speaking in today’s meeting of the Legislature-Parliament, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party lawmakers Prem Suwal and Dilli Prasad Kafle proposed to cut the expenditure amount allocated for different nine ministries.

Lawmaker Kafle proposed for reducing the expenditure amount allocated for Ministry of Population and Environment, Ministry of Livestock Development, Ministry of Land Reforms and Management and Ministry of Commerce.

Similarly, lawmaker Suwal proposed for lessening the expenditure amount allocated for the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation.

The lawmakers have complained that the developmental budget was not enough in different sectors adding that expenditure budget was seen larger than requirements.

They have said that the government’s policy and programme was similar to political party’s manifestoes which have lacked objective reality.

Similarly, other lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government to settle the problems of landless squatters and to upgrade the highways as travelers are suffering due to poor condition of the roads across the country. They have expressed serious concern over not seeing any progress on enhancing the export and lessening the import in the country.

Lawmakers have demanded for allocating the adequate budget including for child development sectors, social security for elderly people, the South Asian Games (SAG) to be organized in Nepal next year.
They have further urged to develop effective mechanism to manage the sports sectors as it was running in an ad-hoc basis.

Lawmakers Tarani Datta Chataut, Purushottam Poudel, Agni Sapkota, Rajya Laxmi Shrestha (Nuwakot), Geeta Chhetri, Shiva Chandra Chaudhary, Laxman Rajbanshi, Lok Mani Dhakal and Shyam Kumar Shrestha (Kavre) had expressed their views in the discussion session.
The discussion on the bill is on. RSS