Celebrating 71th birthday, Ex-king appeals for national integrity (Also in Photos)

Ex-King Gyanedra Shah, Photo: Mukunda Kalikote

KATHMANDU, July 7: Former King Gyandendra Shah celebrated his 71th birthday amidst a gathering at Nirmal Niwas on Monday.

Issuing a press statement on the occasion, ex-King wished for national unity and rather than disintegration and disputes.

“May the country be made, protected and head towards national integrity! It is our prime wish,” he said. He also appealed all the fellow countrymen to get united in order to protect and maintain nationality, sovereignty and national integrity.

The former King also appealed the Nepali people to explore the eastern philosophy and science and utilize them for benefit of nation.

The statement further reads that he cared more for patriotism rather than name, fame and ranking.

He has requested all the Nepali people to follow the matra ‘Nepali Hami Rahula Kaha Nepalai Narahe’.

On the occasion, dozens of pro-monarchs and people loyal to monarchy had reached Shah’s residence to extend their best wishes to the King.

Photos: Mukunda Kalikote