FSF will vote in favor of constitution amendment bill: Upendra Yadav


KATHMANDU, July 10: Upendra Yadav, chairman of Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal (FSF, Nepal) has clarified that his party would vote in favor of the tabled under-discussion constitution amendment bill.

“We are not against the amendment proposal. We will vote in favor of the bill to get it endorsed through the parliament,” said Yadav while speaking during an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Monday.

He, however, argued that the bill was yet incomplete and imprudent and argued that the country will get positive exit from all the instability being faced currently if the bill is revised with utmost attention and then endorsed.

He further argued that the under-discussion proposal was not sufficient to address all the concerns of Madhesis, Indigenous people and federal system. He was of the opinion that the issues and problems related with constitution should be settled in a single unit to avoid possible conflicts.

Yadav also cleared that his party is not joining the Deuba led government. “We will only join the government when we feel it’s important.”