Bhaktapur’s mayor calls for formulation of Act and laws for local levels

Bhaktapur's mayor calls for formulation of Act and laws for local levels

BHAKTAPUR, July 12: The newly elected mayor of Bhaktapur municipality, Sunil Prajapati, called on the government to quickly formulate Act and laws for governance of the local bodies.

At a public hearing program held on Tuesday by the municipality, Prajapati said, “The government on the one hand is cutting down the rights of the local levels while on the other we have a stockpile of works added up from many years when there had not been people’s representatives; but it has been difficult in carrying out the works as the government is yet to formulate the needed Act and laws related to the local units.”

Prajapati added further that preparations were underway to realize an objective of making Bhaktapur a model city of transparency. He also gave assurances of implementing the programs mentioned in the electoral declaration paper and as per people’s aspirations.

On the occasion, deputy mayor, Rajani Joshi, said the people must monitor all the works undertaken by the municipal office.

The participating locals called for setting up toilets at various locations for tourists, arrangement of online registration of maps, filming a documentary of the reconstruction of the heritage sites, transferring the bigger industries from the Bhaktapur industrial corridor, banning the entry of bigger vehicles into the town from 8 am to 6 pm and controlling the street dogs and other domestic animals. RSS