All wards of Tansen municipality will have road connectivity: Mayor Shahi


PALPA, JULY 19: Mayor of Tansen Municipality, Ashok Kumar Shahi, has said that every ward of Tansen Municipality would be linked with road network.

Shahi said that task for expansion of smooth access to transport services would be carried out in all the 14 wards of the municipality in the current fiscal year 2017/18.

He said, “We will celebrate this fiscal year as the ‘road year’. Roads should be constructed for the development. All wards of the municipality will be linked with gravel road network. At least 90 per cent works related to road construction will be carried out this year.”

Mayor Shahi further said that a modern settlement would be developed at Damkad of the municipality.
At a news conference, he said four- to six-lane roads would be constructed and added that preparation was underway to bring Sanitary Landfill Site into operation.

He also pointed out the need of formulating laws and acts to operate the local-level. RSS