Reconstruction of historic Gorkha palace begins

Gorkha Palace

GORKHA, July 19: Reconstruction of the historic Gorkha Palace based in Gorkha district has begun. The palace with historic, religious and archaeological importance, had suffered extensive damages during the Gorkha Earthquake that rattled the country on 25th April, 2015.

The palace would be reconstructed from its foundation, according to the Gorkha Palace Caretaking Section. Now we can see the palace surrounded by the corrugated zinc sheets as its dismantling is going on. The Department of Archaeology has allocated Rs 505 million to the section to undertake the reconstruction works.

The palace dating back to 400 years will be restored to its original form, Section Staff Rameshwor Kattel said.

Giving reaction to the commencement of the rebuilding works, palace main priest Pradeepnath Yogi said he including other priests were happy to see the beginning of palace reconstruction. The palace developed cracks on its walls and its yard caved-in the quake.

The quake inflicted damages to Gorakhkali Temple, Gorakhnath Cave, Chaughera Palace and other structures. Guru Gorakhnath is respected as the ancestral God (Kuldevata) of the (ex) royal families.

The palace, the birthplace of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the unifier of modern Nepal, has a significant value in multiple terms. However, the Gorakhnath Cave and some other structures were repaired earlier.

Bearing in mind the ongoing reconstruction works, public will not be allowed to worshipping at the temple for a month. However, the temple will continue its regular rituals.

It is expected to take three years to complete the reconstruction works. RSS