Bishnumati clean-up responsibility to wards

Bishnumati Cleaning Campaign

KATHMANDU, July 20: In a bid to make the Bishnumati clean-up campaign further effective, the responsibility for the same would also be shared to the people elected representatives of wards from 100 weeks of the campaign.

The campaign would take strides by making the ward leadership responsible for the clean-up of river located in the ward territory.

Being impressed by the Bagmati clean-up mega campaign, the Bishnumati clean-up campaign was initiated over three years back.

The campaign is completing 150 weeks on July 22. Bishnumati Campaign Spokesperson Umesh Bohora shared that the campaign would move ahead by roping the concerned wards of the municipality in the clean-up of river along their areas.

The responsibility to that end would be shared on the day of 150 weeks campaign.
So far over 1,000 metric tons of wastes have been extracted from the river under the Bishnumati campaign on the joint initiative of government and citizens for the cause of environment protection.

The 150th clean-up campaign is set to take place in Gangobu New Bus Park area on July 22.

It may be noted that Budhanilakantha, Tokha and Tarakeswor municipalities and Kathmandu Metropolis are situated along the Bishnumati river flow zone.

Preparation has been complete to hand over responsibility to the elected people’s representatives of four local levels for Bishnumati clean-up, Bohora informed. RSS