Two trek routes leading to Gosaikunda ready to greet travellers


NUWAKOT, July 25: Two trek routes are being brought into full operation with necessary preparations for the pilgrims and tourists heading to the Gosaikunda alpine lake on the occasion of Janai Purnima – a religious festival of the Hindus.

The two routes – one leading from Kathmandu’s Sundarijal and another from Nuwakot’s Samundratar – have been equipped with all necessities for the travelers, according to hotel entrepreneurs. Both the routes have been in operation in the past.

The trek route from Sundarijal passes through the pristine landscapes in Chisapani, Kutungsang, Bhanginagoth, Chaharepati, Ghopteveer to Suryakunda from where trekkers have to descend to Gosaikunda. The route is more prepared for the travelers than it had been in the past, according to Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu Hotel Entrepreneurs Concern Committee Vice Chairman, Pemba Lama.

The pilgrims have already started heading towards their destination through the trek route. It takes two days with rest from Sundarijal to reach Gosaikunda. This route has been in operation for the past three years although without proper management and necessary support system.

The most used route leading from Gangate area of Bidur municipality–5 passes through Kharanitar, Samundratar, Ramati, Gyangphedi, Talukseri to Suryakunda–Gosaikunda.

Hotel Entrepreneurs Concern Committee Secretary, Mingma Sherpa, said although it takes two days to reach Gosaikunda from Sundarijal, the route from Nuwakot’s Samundratar takes only one day. Samundratar located 35 km from Gangate is accessible by four wheelers.

Gosaikunda lake is located at an altitude of 4,380 metres above sea level in the Rasuwa district. The lake remains frozen for six months during the winter season. RSS