Minister Yadav commits to providing clean drinking water

Mahendra Yadav

KATHMANDU, July 26: Minister for Water Supply and Sanitation, Mahendra Yadav, has said his main goal was to ensure clean drinking water to the people from across the country.

Assuming his office at the Ministry on Wednesday, Minister Yadav, reminded that clean drinking water is the fundamental rights of citizen. “One can live without houses and roads, but can’t live without clean drinking water,” he said, adding that drinking water must be ensured to citizen at any cost.

Also the former chairman of Tarun Dal, Minister Yadav, further said he had spent the budget allocated from the parliamentarians’ development fund to the drinking water and sanitation.

Ministry Secretary Bhim Prasad Upadhyay welcomed the Minister and viewed that the Ministry employees were working seriously to bring Melamchi water in the Kathmandu Valley. RSS